15 Apr 2016
World Premier of The Norwegian Film BLACKHEARTS
World Premier of The Norwegian Documentary Film BLACKHEARTS The Chicago International 
15 Apr 2016 8:30 PM - 10:30 PM Export to Calendar 
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Logan Theatre

2646 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago , IL 60647 - United States

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World Premier of The Norwegian Documentary Film


The Chicago International Film and Music Festival

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The documentary BLACKHEARTS deals with the international reach of Norwegian black metal. 

“What happens when an extreme idea of Norway doesn’t quite live up to the expectations? This question is explored in a humorous new documentary.” — visitnorway.com

According to Production Manager Torstein Parelius, among the biggest financiers of the film is The Norwegian Film Institute, The Arts Council of Norway, Fritt Ord (The Freedom Of Expression Foundation) and VGTV, the broadcasting division of the largest Norwegian newspaper VG. 

“The new Norwegian documentary, “Blackhearts”, follows three fans from Iran, Greece and Colombia on a kind of pilgrimage to Norway. All three have fantasized about Norway and formed a picture of the country through attentive listening to their favourite records.” —visitnorway.com

BLACKHEARTS official trailer: HERE

According to Norwegian American Weekly, Norway’s metal scene was once notorious for church burnings, suicide, and even murder. However, black metal is “growing up.”

“There are so many misconceptions about metal.” says Jonathan Selzer, a journalist from London-based Metal Hammer Magazine. “Anymore, it’s not so much about what you’re against, it’s about what you’re for.”
Norwegian American Weekly

According to the film’s director Fredrik Horn Akselsen, “today, however, you won’t find many versions of the radical lifestyle, like connections to Satanism or whatever. Most black metal bands in Norway today really just want to make music, and hopefully make a living doing that”